Yoga-Based Psychotherapy

Along with providing therapy for individuals, couples and families, I am also a certified yoga instructor.  Some people want more than talk therapy, they want techniques that they can use in their daily life to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and generally feel better. Contact me to schedule a yoga session tailored to your specific needs.

Physiologically yoga has been proven to increase feelings of happiness and confidence, improve health, and aid the mind-body-spirit connection.  Breathing techniques calm the nervous system, help you feel grounded, and alleviate worry and doubt.  Active meditation techniques, called “snacks”, support and maintain the work you do in therapy, giving you tools to use on your own.


“Fortunately, Rachel was one of my first yoga teachers. Her kindness, gentle spirit and knowledge have contributed greatly to my continuing with yoga these past two and a half years.”  Donna H, Yoga Student

Aspects of Purna Yoga with elements of Iyengar Yoga are blended into psychotherapy or yoga sessions, and I serve private, corporate, and group clients, ranging in age from adolescent to senior.  Schedule private yoga, a workshop, or host a session at your business. schedule now.